prIMOA [Maya Version]

Article / 30 April 2020

# Documentations (prIMOA for Maya)

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# Minimum Requirements:

- Autodesk Maya (2018 - 2020)

- Internet Connection

# prIMOA (PT)

Author    : Prana Ronita

Website  :

Email      : |

# Preview

# About

Animation tool for animator. (Single Workstation License). Click Icon to reload interface.

# Features:

- Dock Dock Go widgets:

    . Let your most used tool to stand outside from the main widget.

- Dummy locator and dummy box curve creation:

    . To assist some pose or placing custom parent object .

- Graph editor and adjust curves tangent tools: 

    . Toggle to show Curve/Graph Editor and adjust animation tangent.

- In-Between Key tools (I.B.K.):

    . Most used tool. Add in-between key from first key and second key from range 0% to 100% to adjust.

- Set Key tools:

    . Set your key to normal or as a breakdown key.

- Snap Pose tools:

    . Let your controller stay for selected frame range. When we said stay, they must stay.

- Library tools:

    . Controller: Store your controller selection, so next time you don't have to select it one by one again.

    . Animation: Store your selected animation in FBX format, next time you can re-use it for another project.

. Controller Library:

. Animation Library:

- Move Key by Integer tools:

    . Switch your selected key to move by number(Integer) value. Most used case is when you drag selected keys is heavy, so this tool will do it with fewer clicks.

- "Parent" tools:

    . Constraint parent first object to second object sometime is pain in the ass, specially when I become animator longggg time ago. So this tool will adjust to parent/attach it from selected frame, then you can detach it on another frame.

- Viewport tools:

    . Pause: Pause your viewport. Yes, sometimes it's heavy. Use it if you know which keys you want to move then you can unpause it.

    . Ghost: Boo! View ghosting animation from your selected object.

    .  Trails: View motion trail from selected object.

    .  Unghost: What?! It's obvious to unghost your ghosting object. Don't call Constantine or Ghostbuster.

# System, API and availability


  - Linux       [√]

  - Windows [√]

  - MacOS     [√]


  - Python 2.7


  - Maya (2018 - 2020)

# Installation:

- Extract "PrSfx" to some location. *For Windows, don't put it on "Program Files" or "Program Files  (x86)" some Windows Home user can't access that folder.

- Boot up your Maya. 

- Locate "" from PrSfx/prsfxTools/Maya .

- Select your Maya shelve.

- Drag and drop "" to Maya viewport.

- Click icon on the shelve.

- Ready to use.