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prsfx tool (prCLSRU)

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Stack widget.

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updated: v1.2.0
Adding Looks Tool in prCamera:
This include shader balls and color checker.

Prana ronita 00 prsfx tool prclsru easytoinstall

Drag and drop install.

Prana ronita 01 prsfx tool prclsru cameratool

Camera tool.

Prana ronita 02 prsfx tool prclsru lightstool

Lights tool.

Prana ronita 03 prsfx tool prclsru shaderstool

Shaders tool.

Prana ronita 04 prsfx tool prclsru rendersetupandrendercollectioncreation

Render setup and render collection creation.

Prana ronita 05 prsfx tool prclsru objecttoolrenderstatsshape

Object tool render stats shape.

Daily tool for camera, lightings, shaders, rendering and common utility in Maya.
Help your repeatable task way more faster.

You can download it on my github page: https://github.com/prsfx/prCLSRU

Or visit: https://www.artstation.com/prsfx/store/57rN/prclsru

For online documentation: https://prsfx.net/projects/XBVmow?album_id=1763099

How to install:

1. Delete the older prCLSRU scipt (prsfxMaya folder and the whole prCLSRU file)

2. Extract prCSLRU_forMaya.zip to your maya script folder

Windows 10:



for detail you can check: http://help.autodesk.com/view/MAYAUL/2017/ENU/?guid=GUID-FA51BD26-86F3-4F41-9486-2C3CF52B9E17

In my case, I don't have to add it to each version. Because you can call it globally.

3. Chose which shelf you want to put this tools. Drag and drop prCLSRU_dragAndDrop.py to Maya viewport.

4. You're up.