prsfx tool (prIMOA) for Maya V1.0.0 - Animation Tools

prsfx tool (prIMOA) - Animation Tool for Maya (Free plugin)

prIMOA Tutorial - Animation Tools for Maya

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prsfx tool (prIMOA)

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Daily tool for animation utility in Maya.
Help your animation task way more faster.


Or you can download it on my github page:

For online documentation: TBA

How to install:

1. Delete the older prIMOA scipt (prsfxMaya folder and the whole prIMOA file)

2. Extract to your maya script folder

Windows 10:



for detail you can check:

In my case, I don't have to add it to each version. Because you can call it globally.

3. Chose which shelf you want to put this tools. Drag and drop to Maya viewport.

4. You're up.